12:21 Reviewed at DC Film Fest

We got the review back from the DC Film Fest... and it was pretty much as expected. Actually, it was a little generous. Higher marks in writing, direction, originality, technical competency and editing... but not much higher. : )

The scale is 1-5 and we ended up right in the middle. Two of the 9 judges even gave us 4's across the board. Our overall score is 2.92 - so basically a 3 out of 5. Not too bad.

Question 1: The PLOT is strong and defined. Score: 2.78

Question 2: The CHARACTERS are well thought out and have a defined character arc. Score: 2.78

Question 3: The THEMES are expressed clearly, and are appropriate for the genre. Score: 2.89

Question 4: The ACTING is strong, and performances are appropriate for the story. Score: 2.44

Question 5: The WRITING is engaging and imaginative. Score: 3.22

Question 6: The overall DIRECTION is clear, with a clear vision that is well expressed. Score: 3.00

Question 7: The story or concept is ORIGINAL and offers a fresh perspective. Score: 3.11

Question 8: The film has unique or NEW TWISTS and offers many surprises. Score: 2.56

Question 9: The film is TECHNICALLY COMPETENT. It is shot carefully, with attention to camera work, lighting and sound design. Score: 3.22

Question 10: The EDITING is precise, with smooth transitions between scenes. Score: 3.22

Question 11: I would recommend this film for inclusion in the festival. Score: %56 said Yes

Judge Comments:
"The look of the film was a little too bright. It was fairly interesting but not enough happens. Movies about turning back time have been done before, and this one didn't do enough to make itself stand out. It seemed to try to capture a moment but didn't succeed."

"An interesting and clever film, however I'm concerned that it follows a feedback loop model of time travel that I've seen many times before in other works and may as such be a bit too derivative."

"Interesting concept, but the plot needs to be more developed."

"I enjoyed the overall direction of the film, the writing, the editting and the progessionalism was great. The credits were shot well too."

"The story is not completely original (time going backwards), but it is interesting and the characters seems believable. I thought it was clever (down to backward-speech) and pretty well-developed."

"good shoot; good production, really liked"

"This is a good idea that needs more development."

"I thought that this seemed like a first attempt at a film, the acting, sound and the story need to be stronger. That said it was an interesting sci-fi story concept."

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