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Short Films

Short Films Created by Berkeley Square:

  • Laugh Lines! Improv Comedy Company Valentine's Day Show

    Two shot films created by Berkeley Square, premiering at the Laugh Lines! Improv Comedy Company's Valentine's Day Show, Feb 14th and 15th, 2014.

  • National Film Challenge 2013 - "Dream House"

    This film was nominated/chosen to be one of 15 films (out of the total 149 entries) to be eligible for the NFC 2013 People Choice Award!

    Created for the National Film Challenge, November 1-4, 2013.
    Kansas City Area
    Written, Filmed, and Edited November 1st-4th, 2013 Genre: Horror
    Character: Duke or Daisy Douglas, Model Builder
    Prop: Wig
    Line of Dialogue: "It really is that simple."

    2013 Team Members: Dave Uhler, Laurie Uhler, Kellen Jenkins, Lydia Uhler, Kelsey Jenkins.

  • 2013 Topeka Chamber Annual Meeting

    Three videos for the Greater Topeka Chamber's Annual Meeting, Jan. 24, 2013... 1) announcing 3 award winners for their contributions in 2012 2) Announcing the 2013 Chairwoman of the Topeka Chamber of Commerce 3) Celebrate Topeka Party Q & A

  • Drive By

    Berkeley Square's entry into TWO film competitions at once... the Wild West Film Festival Scare Factor (48 hours).. and the National Film Challenge (70 hours). The WWFF required 2 of the following 5 (which we of course completed all 5); A ceiling fan, a plunger, turn off the tv, broken light, a phobia. The entry also had to have the same beginning and ending shot and the official WWFF Poster has to be visible somewhere in the movie. The film also needed to be scary.. since it is being enterd into the "scare factor" competition. But that's not all. The National Film Challenge required a character named Cameron Murphy who is a pizza deliver driver, a bag of potatoes must be used as a prop, and a line of dialogue... "Are you sure you should be doing that?!" We also lucked out by randomly receiving "suspense" as our NCF genre.

  • "Exclusive" Wins Awards at KC 48 Hour Film Project

    This film was created in 48 hours for submission into the 48 Hour Film Project, Kansas City, 2011.

    It won for "Best Graphics" and "Best Writing" in the Kansas City competition.

  • "Doug H." Takes 1st at Wild West Film Fest 2011

    Berkeley Square's entry in to the 2011 Wild West Film Fest. The short took first place in the 48 hour film competition.

  • 2011 Topeka Chamber Annual Meeting Videos

    All of the Short Films created by Berkeley Square for the 2011 Topeka Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting - "Bold Rush" - a western themed event.

  • Fairlawn Plaza Hip Hop

    Just in time for the holidays... a hip hop holiday rap for Fairlawn Plaza, created for the December Topeka Chamber Power Breakfast... with owner Randy Austin kickin' the rhymes - feat. Bill "Da Mayah" Bunten (Mayor of Topeka, KS), Greg "Busta" Schwerdt (2011 Chair-Elect Topeka Chamber of Commerce) and of course, Santa Claus himself.

  • Zombie Laundry - The B.S. Cut

    An alternate cut of "Zombie Laundry", a film originally produced by Roaring Rat Films (http://www.roaringratfilms.com) and Klick Kreative (http://www.klikkreative.com).

    See the official cut here:

  • Dust

    Berkeley Square's entry into the National Film Challenge. We had 70 hours to make a short film using the genre of Fantasy (randomly selected for our team), a character named Lucy/Luke Ludwig who is a blogger, the line "Nothing like this has ever happened before." and a "ratchet" as a prop.

  • 2010 - The Year We Make an App for That

    Our entry into the 2010 Flint Hills Film Festival. Most of the crew was busy so it turned into a project for Laurie and Dave Uhler to do alone.

    This film is the winner of the 2010 Flint Hills Film Festival - Experienced Division. The theme was "It Is That Good" and required the use of at least 4 of 8 given locations, completely produced in 48 hours. Of course, we used all 8 locations, since that is how we roll.

    This movie not only references 2001 - A Space Odyssey and 2010: The Year We Make Contact but also the short we made last year, Immaculate Reception (I Wish)

  • Reviver

    Berkeley Square's submission into the 2010 48 Hour Film Project.

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