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We enjoy creating short films... just for fun or to promote a product. So, when a 30 second commercial isn't enough, Berkeley Square can create a short video segment to show on web, DVD, trade shows or in front of a live audience.

Zombie Laundry - The B.S. Cut

An alternate cut of "Zombie Laundry", a film originally produced by Roaring Rat Films (http://www.roaringratfilms.com) and Klick Kreative (http://www.klikkreative.com).

See the official cut here:


Berkeley Square's entry into the National Film Challenge. We had 70 hours to make a short film using the genre of Fantasy (randomly selected for our team), a character named Lucy/Luke Ludwig who is a blogger, the line "Nothing like this has ever happened before." and a "ratchet" as a prop.

2010 - The Year We Make an App for That

Our entry into the 2010 Flint Hills Film Festival. Most of the crew was busy so it turned into a project for Laurie and Dave Uhler to do alone.

This film is the winner of the 2010 Flint Hills Film Festival - Experienced Division. The theme was "It Is That Good" and required the use of at least 4 of 8 given locations, completely produced in 48 hours. Of course, we used all 8 locations, since that is how we roll.

This movie not only references 2001 - A Space Odyssey and 2010: The Year We Make Contact but also the short we made last year, Immaculate Reception (I Wish)


Berkeley Square's submission into the 2010 48 Hour Film Project.

Break Room to show festival films

Local filmmakers to screen entries from 48-hour contest
By Christina Hansen - CJOnline.com- original story here

Match Me If You Can

Here's our entry into the 2010 Wild West Film Festival - a competition that requires teams of filmmakers to create a 5-minute film in 48 hours using a given set of criteria.

Topeka - America's Hub

Doing our part to help support Topeka in becoming Google's experimental community.

Dying To Win

After our contentious win at the 2009 Wild West Film Fest in the summer, we decided to have some fun with the Wild West Scare Factor Edition in October... by using all of the criteria several times - most notably using them ALL in the first 27-second mini film.

Immaculate Reception - When I'm Safely Home (I Wish)

UPDATE: I Wish took 1st place in the experienced category at the Flint Hills Film Fest on 9-11-09.
12:22 Production's Entry into the 2009 Flint Hills Film Fest. Usually we take the entire 48 hours when we enter a competition like this... this one only took 12 hours.

Don't Dream It... Be it.

Here it is folks! Our submission into the 2009 Wild West Film Fest. Inspired by Ralph Phillips ... A to Zzzz which was nominated for an Academy Award in 1953.

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