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Topeka Public Schools

Berkeley Square creates many of the video clips you see on TPS-14, the TV channel of U.S.D 501.

TPS Foundation - Friends of Foundation

Short promotional video explaining the Topeka Public Schools Foundation's "Friends of the Foundation" program.

Stay Connected & TPS Mission Statement

Staying connected to Topeka Public Schools is now easier than ever. This TRON inspired spot show the benefits of clicking on and tuning in.

TPS MISSION: To engage students in the highest quality learning. Prepare students for responsible, productive citizenship. Inspire excellence for a lifetime.

2010 Kanza Bowl

Berkeley Square created a :30 spot for the 2nd Annual Kanza Bowl held December 4th, 2010.

TPS Health - NFUSSD Conference

This clip was created for the National Federation of Urban and Suburban School Districts Conference to demonstrate how Topeka Public Schools influence a child's health. The conference was held in Topeka from October 10th thru the 12th, 2010 at the Ramada. The group also took tours of several local schools.

Superintendent's Breakfast - Topeka Public Schools

Here are 3 videos created for the Superintendent's Breakfast for the Topeka Public Schools Foundation. The breakfast serves as a "State of the District" for U.S.D 501, demonstrating the need for private funding to help classrooms do projects that would normally not receive funding.

Welcome to the 2010-11 TPS School Year

Two clips made for the new school year... one from 501 Board President Patrick Woods, and one explaining the new Mission Statement, Vision and Learning Principles.

Wind Turbine at Hope Street Academy

For Topeka Public Schools to be used on TPS-14 and topekapublicschools.net. A year and a half of planning, lobbying, working, writing... all came to and end when Hope Street's new wind turbine was erected on April 29th, 2010. But this end brings about many beginnings since the turbine will be used to demonstrate the possibility of using renewable energy locally as well as information from the turbine being streamed to all of the high schools for analysis.

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