Course Correction

Winner of the 2017 International film competition The Four Points Film Challenge, Berkeley Square’s film Course Correction has been screened not only at the Cannes Film Festival, but also Filmapalooza in Paris… as well as San Diego, Kansas City and St. Loius, where it also took home “Best of Show” at the St. Louis Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival 2018. It also was awarded Best in Sci-Fi at the 2018 Planet ComicCon Film Festival in Kansas City. The film also took home awards for Best Directing (Laurie Uhler), Best Acting (Jo Lassley), Best Writing (Shaun Collins), and Best Child Actor (Gibson Uhler) in the Four Points competition. It has also been an Official Selection for many film festivals including the Kansas International Film Festival.

Course Correction – Berkeley Square – Editor’s Cut from Berkeley Square on Vimeo.

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