Harold the Stagehand - My Fair Lady

Harold's unique behind the scenes look at TCT's production of My Fair Lady.

The Amazing Zambizi

Our entry into the Wild West Film Fest Scare Factor 2008. The film was created in 48 hours using the following requirements: 3 of the 5 following (we used all 5) "Ice", "Eyes", "Jack-O-Lantern", "Botched Magic", and the line "Don't go in there... or DO!"

Give or Take

A film made in 48 hours with the requirements of using 4 of 8 set locations in Junction City and the theme "The American Life" - It was created by and stars Glenn Bartlett, Shaun Collins, James "The Heckard" Heckard, and Dave Uhler. Of course we used all 8 locations. The film is our first entry for the Flint Hills Film Festival and it took second place.

Wild West Corn Dogs

This film was completed in 48 hours as part of the Wild West Film Fest. The requirements were to have 3 of the following 6 items: "someone eating a corn dog", "someone in biker shorts", "someone with a mustache","someone with a bad accent","a choreographed dance" and/or use a ceratin photo of a man (we used him on the corn dog box.) As you can see we used all 6. We took third. Starring Shaun Collins, Laurie Hebison (Uhler), Glenn Bartlett, Kelsey Ryan, Kellen Jenkins, Rachel Hebison, Scott Jantzi and Mel Stewart.

Topeka Remembers 2004

One great year captured forever... featuring Topeka and its citizens with guest appearances by President George W. Bush, Sen. John Kerry, The Rev. Jesse Jackson, B.B. King. Ronnie Milsap, Emmylou Harris, Amy Grant, "Weird Al" Yankovic and others. Sports highlights from the Kansas Koyotes, the Topeka Tarantulas, Washburn basketball and football, Sunflower State Games, local high school championships and more. In-depth look at business leaders, Brown v. Board of Education dedication, Great Overland Station opening and how Topeka changed in the span of a single year. Event coverage including Huff 'n' Puff, Fiesta Mexicana, birthday celebration and fireworks display.

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