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We enjoy creating short films... just for fun or to promote a product. So, when a 30 second commercial isn't enough, Berkeley Square can create a short video segment to show on web, DVD, trade shows or in front of a live audience.

Course Correction

Berkeley Square Media is so happy to announce that our film, "Course Correction" has been chosen from 129 short films submitted worldwide, to be named BEST IN SHOW for the 2017 Four Points Film Project, as well as FOUR other amazing awards. The film will now be screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May, as well as be featured at Filmapalooza in Paris in March.

Dead Man's Chest

A funny Pirate Murder Mystery written by Shannon Reilly for a special event at the Prairie Band Casino. This is just the first scene, to not give away the twisted ending.... mixed with live action and 3 other video scenes on two different nights... and two different endings.

Filmed entirely in Gage Park.

What Darcy Saw

One of our best competition-based short films to date, "What Darcy Saw" is a dark fantasy story, created by Berkeley Square for the 48 Hour Film Challenge. Winner of "Best Editing" for the Kansas City Area.

The Life/Death/Transformation of a File

This was a fun one to create. The life... the death... the transformation of a paper file in the care of Stacks Secure Records.

The Case of the Murdered Heel

Working with the talents of Shannon Reilly is always a joy, and together, we make some pretty neat short videos. The Case of the Murdered Heel was created to be an interactive portion of the 2017 Topeka Ad Federation Awards Ceremony.

AAF-T - Addy Awards Ceremony Videos

The "Open" and "Intermission" videos for the 2016 Addy Awards.

Stalking Cupid

Berkeley Square and Laugh Lines Improvisational Comedy Troupe team up to create two short files for their annual Valentines Day show. Stalking Cupid is winner of two Telly Awards: "Humor" Telly category and a "People's Choice" Telly Award.

Westar Energy - "What Happens..."

What happens when there is a power outage? Westar Energy shows us how they solve the problem.

Westar Energy - "Power Outage"

Introducing the new Westar Energy Mobile App

Night of the Living Dead - Helen Hocker Theater

Created for the LIVE stage version of George Romero's classic film "Night of the Living Dead"... a shot for shot remake of the original opening, as well as a few segments that appeared on the TV during the performance.

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